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As a Finance professor you would expect my Investment Banking lecturer to have some super share trading strategy. However he claims to be making his money through Chinese fine arts such a porcelain, pottery and jade. Due to his unique knowledge of this subject he offered to take a few of us foreign students to Taiwan's National Palace Museum. The last time I was there I was about 5 so I probably found running around more entertaining than appreciating the pieces.

As the story goes, when the Kuomintang lost the Chinese civil war to Mao, they took the majority of the valuables from the Emperor's palace in Beijing with them on their retreat to Taiwan. So the collection in this museum is the largest and most complete collection of Chinese history. Some of the stuff we saw was really quite amazing with so much detail that you wouldn't believe it was possible with the tools of that time.

For example, there was a wooden model boat about 1cm big. But on the bottom of it was 150 Chinese characters!?

How much is the stuff worth? The professor said a small tea cup we saw was valued at US$30 million, ten years ago.

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After leaving a trail of destruction in the Philippines, the first typhoon of 2006 is heading towards Hong Kong. Typhoon Chanchu may swing back east and head towards Taiwan, and I hope that it does.

Typhoon days in Taiwan means that everybody gets the day to play mah-jhong, go karaoke or just sleep.

Here's the food that you would typically find at Jiu Feng.

The man is preparing the sweet potatoes.

The end product. Purple is yam, yellow is sweet potato, and the dark brown is another kind of yam. It's dipped in a sugary syrup and is chewy.
Hmm.. I want some now.

Free to try are different types of nuts and seeds,
you can get green tea flavoured nuts!

Some sort of fruit jelly… eaten cold… refreshing!

Fish balls!!

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I think the picture describes itself… Fulong beach near Yilan, just 2 hours drive north-east of Taipei.

Fulong Beach

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Study, sleep, wash, rinse and repeat, is what I have been doing for most of the week. This will undoubtedly continue for the next month until June 4th, which is the day of my CFA exam. Not only that, but I also have 3 presentations and 3 assignments to do during the next couple of weeks. Definitely the crunch time of the semester, so forgive me if my posts will be lacking much content.

A roof garden at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store near Taipei City Hall.

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So today is the 5th day that I've stayed home resting from symptoms ranging from sore throat, runny nose, coughing, headache, dizziness, weak stomach and fever. After popping some pills and getting plenty of sleep it's now heaps better, though I've managed to waste a weekend and the chance to go to a Japanese buffet with unlimited wine/champagne and Häagen-Dazs in their fridge.

Guess I'll have to settle for toast with Nutella and Beqa cheese slices… weird but yum.

Toast with Nutella and Beqa cheese slices

If you haven't noticed, yes, the Nutella here is Hello Kitty sized. Just they way they like it here in Taiwan. Below is a comparison between the Aussie one and the Kawaaaiii!!~~ kekekeke \\// one.

Hello Kitty Nutella

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I hope my fellow Aussies enjoyed their chocolates and bunnies, kind of miss the caramel filled chocolate eggs. Then it's followed by ANZAC day, full of national pride, mateship and respect for those who risked their lives to preserve the freedom we enjoy today. Though I hear the Turkish veterans will now officially be allowed to march since they were honorable opponents. Wonder if they'll let the Germans, Vietnamese or Japanese march too? That's gotta be kicking up some dirt.

Anyways I'll leave you with a shot from the Lantern Festival showing a replica of Taipei 101 and its surrounding buildings as well as the identifiable bridge that I don't know the name of.

Taipei 101, Lantern Festival 2006

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