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Taipei at Night

With the shopping done and the dinners eaten, Taipei’s hustle and bussle winds down to become an almost relaxed state. It’s very easy to just aimlessly wonder down the street and look at the flickering neon shop lights, the lit up high rise buildings or even a few mysterious dark alleys. Walking is never a bore in Taipei.

Roosevelt Rd, Gong Guan

A lone bicycle.


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Daan Park

Daan Park can be compared to New York's Central Park and is bordered by some of the busiest roads in Taipei. I think it's one of the better parks here with a playground, basketball courts, rollerblading rink, a jogging track and even a fairly large amphitheatre. Here you can see all sorts of people ranging from old people doing taichi, young couples, families with small kids or the fitness junky riding their bikes or jogging.

In the midst of all the mosquitos we had a nice evening out just chatting and eating snacks. We even managed to have a few loud games of charades which attracted quite a lot of looks from the elderly.

You're meant to walk on the rocky footpath barefoot.
If it hurts, then you're unhealthy.

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I love Firefox

You know you can't live without Firefox when it stops working and you would rather reformat than put up with Internet Explorer again.

It's weird when the Central Weather Bureau has issued a typhoon warning and it's a nice sunny day. Perfect weather for a picnic.

Still at Jiu Feng… this time a glimpse of the buildings.

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I am now a dot com

Just activated my very own www.chazchop.com domain name which allows me to join the ranks of the tech-savy Generation, where words such as google and leet are as common as hi and bye.

In the mean time over the next couple of posts, I'll be showing some shots from Jiu Feng a small village north-east of Taipei which exists due to the now exhausted gold mines in the area. It's now just a touristy place with a traditional market that specialises in certain deserts such as glutenous yam and sweet potatoes. It also has places to drink tea and look out at some nice scenery.

Start off with just the market.

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I figured after seeing the metallic forest of steel at work in the modern wonder that Taipei has to offer, I should show some green flora. Some trees, maybe a flower here or there… but some grass would be terrific!

Some trees

Below is a patch of tea leaves, surrounded by trees that look like coconut trees but are actually betel nut trees. Betel nut, or Bin Lang as they are known in Taiwan is an icon of the Taiwanese hick (Tai Ke) and is responsible for painting the road with red spots. It also helps people develop a healthy red smile and the amazing Betel Nut Girls!


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