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Big Ass Catch Up Post

It’s been a while since my last post, so I’ll just do one big ass one to catch up… actually I started writing this weeks ago. This is only a tiny bit of what’s happened recently. Expect another BACUP soon.

A new cake shop opened up near Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall on Zhong Xiao and it looked so good that Alice, Ian and I just had to go try it out. When ordering, the variety and types of cakes was overwhelming. Each little description made your mouth water, sometimes even leaving you imagining the taste on the tip of your tongue. Then to top it off, the cake isn’t just slapped on a plate and plonked in front of you. Each slice of cake is delicately decorated with chocolate, fruit or sauce which made it just that much more enticing. This was after we ate a 4 course meal at Bellini Pasta.. needless to say, I was filled to the brim that night.

KTV is to Taiwanese culture as barbeque’s and the beach is to Australia. So when some of my finance classmates finally got some free time, which is a rarity for them (they study a lot), we organised an afternoon of karaoke. Everyone was bustin’ out the tunes.

Roxy Jnr with Kojen
Joseph was back in Taipei again as he got some time off from his military service so we all met up at Roxy Jnr for a few drinks and played pool and foosball.

Idol, Taiwan Style
Taiwan is playing copycat by coming out with their own version of Idol. But instead of opening up registration to the general population, they have decided to make it a match-off between universities. By chance I managed to catch a glimpse of the Idol competition at NTU. Let’s just say that some of the contenders should have stayed home. But what I found quite amusing was that instead of letting them finish their performance and then tell them they sucked, here the judges have a switch that they flip which lights up a red light. When all three judges have flipped the switch, then the performer gets blasted by a stream of smoke to signify that they should get off the stage. I tried my best to get a photo of that demoralizing event, but my timing with the camera was always off.

NTU Finance Volleyball
A little friendly competition was held between the Finance year levels at uni. We didn’t do too bad considering we were a team of randoms and the others had actually been training. Turned out to be a fun day.

Intel Blue Men
For a marketing presentation on Intel, we decided to go all blue for the day. Below is Ian’s hair on show, and also our resident Egyptian who we persuaded to do his beard.


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