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Summer Holidays

I’m back at the Chinese Cultural University Mandarin Language Centre where I first took Chinese classes early last year. This time I’ve decided to challenge myself and jump a few levels ahead as I found it pretty easy going last time. The classes are two hours each morning, Monday to Friday. This gives me the afternoon and night to do other things, namely the need to read some Finance research papers to prepare for my thesis. I would also like to visit some other places in Taiwan, especially the beaches and the southern cities which I hear are worthy places to see. So that’s my plan for the holidays.

Taipei has over 6 million scooters… there’s no avoiding them

Cafe Bastille, my current favourite place to study and check out chicks.
Gimme the window seats please!


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The Taipei Arena was opened in 2005 and it has become a buzz of activity. It’s a beautiful building with a very modern feel and its main attraction are the ice skating rink and a 15,000 seat stadium which hosted a musical featuring Jacky Cheung and Takeshi. Since it’s the summer holidays here, the ice skating rink is offering student discounts. Being poor students, we had to make the most of this opportunity.

Kinda looks like the convention centre thing in Hong Kong

No escaping the crowd in Taipei

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