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A Good Loss

We ended up choosing the Brass Monkey after seeing a few good mentions of it on Forumosa, so I called them up during the day to ask a few questions and was surprised to hear an Australian accent. Turns out the owner of the place is Australian, all the more reason to go.

There, I had the first Australian meat pie since I could remember as I forgot to get some on my last visit to Melbourne. However even with the meat pie, I would have to say that the food there isn't that good. Probably better to eat elsewhere, then arrive later to watch the game.

The Japan vs Croatia and Australia vs Brazil games were spectacular to watch as all sides fought hard and every opportunity to shoot at goal was taken. There were some awesome plays, though unfortunately most of them were either misses or were saved by the keeper.

The atmosphere was just so damn good with the Japanese and Brazilian fans screaming and chanting. Though I was disappointed that the number of Aussies was quite lacking. I think there was only a total of eight, but that doesn't mean we lost in the shouting department with periodic outbursts of "Aussie Aussie Aussie… Oi Oi Oi." We did quite a good job in competing with the Brazilians fans, which also included the majority of the Taiwanese there.

A 2-0 loss against the world champions is something to be proud of, considering that Australia's official ranking is only 42. We only need a draw in our next match against Croatia in order to advance to the next round. I will definitely be out and about on Thursday night.



Lastly, a few time wasters.
Typing Test
USAF Foam Party
Beauty Generator (keep refreshing)


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