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What an amazing win the Socceroos had over Japan. I was so fired up over that first Japanese goal where Schwarzer was clearly fouled, that I demanded some sort of vindication. Made the win just that much sweeter. Unfortunately I couldn't go out and run amok after the win since I have two reports and a presentation tomorrow. Thankfully this should be the final week of reports for me and I might be able to watch the match against Brazil at a sports bar.

Computex was on last week. It's the largest computer expo in the world after Germany's CeBit and attracts the majority of the big players such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft etc. Upon arriving at the trade show area which is located around Taipei 101, I realised they weren't joking when they said it was big. Computex covers all four exhibition halls with 58,730 square metres of space.

The buzz this year was obviously Intel's Core 2 Duo and their P965 chipset which should be released near the end of July. Intel cleverly plastered the entire area with their advertisement, picked all of the good locations and went BIG BIG BIG. Everywhere you went you would see an Intel balloon, some sort of signage or a showgirl. Even in other company's stands!

As per the norm of trade shows in Taiwan, the showgirls are let loose in droves. Though I wasn't very impressed by them. Maybe I have high standards, but they are meant to me models of some sort after all. Anyways, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Spot the Intel signage

How big is this notebook!?!

The wall of motherboards


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