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CFA Exam Day

Last Sunday started at 6:30am and did not end until 1am. But it was not all unpleasant. I arrived at the city-campus of Soochow University at 8am to be confronted by a sea of people all engrossed in their notes, trying to get that last bit of revision in before the 9am start.

Our little entourage from NTU Finance was gathered already. These people do so much studying that they should have no problem. Wish I had the same mental discipline as them, but unfortunately I need my party-fix every couple of days.

8:30am arrived and it was time to enter the exam venue. This was one of the most tight-ass exams I've ever experienced. In order to gain entry, a pre-printed exam ticket as well as a passport needs to be presented to ushers. No phones, bags, pencil cases or water bottles are allowed.

The exam consisted of two, three hour sessions with one hour for lunch in between. Quite taxing on the body considering that there's no way to actually get a proper meal and drink enough fluids to stay hydrated. I must warn future exam candidates not to drink coffee as the need to visit the bathroom will be inescapable. Visits to the bathroom is supervised, an examinator follows you to the entrance and waits. Once you've done your thing, they will ask you to remove the contents of your pockets and give them a pat (your pockets that is).

Needless to say that once the whole ordeal was over I needed to do something fun. Then as if an act of God I received an SMS from my ex-Kojen co-workers who are party animals, saying that they are going karaoking. I don't think there's a need to mention that I went straight from the exam venue into a karaoke room full of people going wild, the Taiwanese way (I might explain this next time). The day ended quite late… and I slept very well for the first time in months.

Something that I hope I won't need to see again.

Thought I'd try and do something artistic with them.

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