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Dragon Boat Festival

The buffed up men I've seen training down at Bitan near my place got to put their training to use today. Taiwan takes its Dragon Boat racing very seriously, even dedicating a rare public holiday to the event and attracting some international competitors.

Unfortunately I did not have the time to take part in this culturally invigorating occasion since my CFA exams will be held this Sunday. Everyone please pray to God and get him to give me a photographic memory.

I snuck down to Bitan on the way home after studying and captured some of the Dragon Boats waiting for the battle to commence the following day.

Dragon Boats
I expected them to be a bit more decorative.

Little paddle boats.

A view across the Bitan bridge.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed. I've got my Flickr up and running now. Past photos will slowly be uploaded.


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