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The urban shopping area of Xinyi district. It's where modernisation meets the uber-modern with architecturally wiz-bang department stores, in your face marketing plastering the likes of Chanel, Gucci or LV behind every window, flashing colourful LED lights that perform hypnotism and street performers that either scare away the children, or enchants you with their aura. This is where the hip and trendy go with their designer sunnies and billion dollar handbags… or if you just wanna watch a movie and eat some ice-cream.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

(Fuzzy photos, before I learnt the proper way to take photos at night)

I went and saw Mission Impossible 3 and I must say, JJ Abrams does a fine job at his first movie attempt. His fingerprints are all over this movie with some of his signature moves taken from Lost and Alias. It keeps you on the edge with the perfect balance of action sequences and plot development, as well as nicely placed one-liners. This third installment blows the previous attempts out of the water.

And this is where I watched the movie. Warner Village Cinemas in the Xinyi district, right next to Taipei 101. It has almost the same interior feel as the Village Cinema's in Ozland, carpets and all.

Warner Village


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I think the picture describes itself… Fulong beach near Yilan, just 2 hours drive north-east of Taipei.

Fulong Beach

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Study, sleep, wash, rinse and repeat, is what I have been doing for most of the week. This will undoubtedly continue for the next month until June 4th, which is the day of my CFA exam. Not only that, but I also have 3 presentations and 3 assignments to do during the next couple of weeks. Definitely the crunch time of the semester, so forgive me if my posts will be lacking much content.

A roof garden at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store near Taipei City Hall.

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Class Dinner

Tonight we had forty-five uni students in a Japanese restaurant with the tab picked up by two of them who were awarded substantial monetary scholarships. When you've eaten good food, drank enough beer to be tispy and talking a lot of crap without making a fool of yourself, it means you've had a good night out.

It doesn't get much better than this.


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