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And 5, 6, 7, 8….

I learnt some dance routine the other day just out of pure stupidity. Some of the guys purposely took dance aerobics classes at uni just to check out girls. Little did they know that they would be asked for do a performance next month.

So I went to watch their first practice run and instead of laughing at them, I ended up moving to the groove as well. Due to the non-availability of spare rooms, we just practiced in a court yard near one of the crowded cafeteria's. So engrossed in a difficult maneuver we were that we did not notice a whole group of girls which we knew were walking past.

'Move the arms.. now spin the body.. ahh shit!… errr.. we're just chatting'

Somehow I don't think that worked. I'm expecting some ramification next time I see them.

Anyways, moving further up the mountain from Jiu-Feng we head towards Jin Gua Shi. This was the gold mine I was talking about before. These photos were taken on the way up.

They say this is meant to look like a pregnant lady… kinda.

Apparently being high up is good Fong-Sui,
so that's where they bury their dead.

Working to repair damage from a rockslide.
Most likely due to soil degradation and earthquakes.

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